Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Banqiao Junior High School

Everything was  changing rapidly in Taiwan in the middle of the nineteen seventies. Economic growth is the main item people usually remember. However, other things were changing too, of course, from garbage collection to the new menus being offered by restaurants – there were many new and fancier dishes!  You name it, almost everything was changing rapidly.

My old junior high school in Banqiao had many old one-floor buildings when I was a student. I was there accidently in 1975, and saw that all of the old buildings were gone. The new buildings were old already, but they were not one-floor! They were all multi-story and there was a “new” gate. There was also a new bridge over the stream separating the road from the campus. It had just a totally different look!banqiao banqiao-2

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