Saturday, February 15, 2014

Choir Party

In the decade of my directing the adult choir at Our Savoir Lutheran Church, of course I got to know quite a number of church members, both directly and indirectly. Further, I went to Fritz’s Music Mart often enough to know the store owner and his wife. I ordered quite a bit sheet music by mail and I reviewed many Cantatas for both Easter and Christmas. We did a number of them and the whole choir had to work pretty hard. Not only did I learn quite a bit of music that way, I got to know how humans behave, which was good for me as I  became more sensitive to individual preferences. Sometimes, I wonder where one can best experience human behavior of various kinds. There is no question, the church is one place in western culture. The choir had quite a number of faithful members, and their support made the task very enjoyable. We usually had some get-together every year. The following pictures showed some members whose names I still remember: Ann Cunningham, Tom Revilla, Barbara Diehl and her mother, Martha and Charlie Montgomery, Maryann, Otto Zinser, and Dot Mold.choir-2choirchoir-3choir-4choir-5

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