Friday, November 29, 2013

More about WCA

Talking about WCA, one factor must be stressed. Janice took the job, mainly because the head-master, Garland Thayer, agreed that his wife, Jean, would be part of the deal. Jean would help watch Steven while Janice was in the classroom. The Thayers had a boy who was the same age as Steven. His name was David. David and Steven could play together while Janice was in class. This was really an ideal situation for both families. The Thayers also had twin boys, slightly older than David and Steven, and a girl Panpan’s age whose name was Laura. At that stage, we were happy to have some boys as playmates for Steven. Furthermore, at WCA, there was plenty of space with fields for the boys to play and run around safely. The pictures below can give you some idea of the situation there!
  wc-kids   wc-kids-3wc-kids-2wc-kids-5wc-kids-4

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