Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meals on the Bus Ride

Miss Sells had told me that I would see a lot of America if and when I rode the bus across the country. I did see some parts of America, and not just the landscape along the highway. I passed through many cities and towns and several places that were just crossroads. Los Angeles had a huge station with a lot of buses. El Paso, Texas, impressed me immensely because of the heat I felt when I tried to get off the bus. But what made me remember the bus ride was not the smallness of the toilets or the varieties of different peoples. Most memorable were the meals along the way. During that time, most large stations had full scale cafeterias. Not only passengers ate there; it was a gathering place for townspeople as well. The biggest shock to me was how expensive the meal could cost when you follow the Chinese way of choosing a few dishes for your meal! I quickly learned to choose just one dish per meal!

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