Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheng-Kong High School

Cheng-Kong is one of the three Taipei High Schools for male students. There are two High Schools for female students in the city. It is located on Jinan road (台北市中正区济南路一段71号).It had a total of more than two thousand students in 1957. In 1954, there was a Junior High School on the same campus, but later it was turned into a Senior High School only. The year we entered, the school admitted 250 students. These five classes were later rearranged, in the last year of High School, according to your interests in the college entrance examination, since college entrance exams were divided into three major categories: science, literature, and agriculture. We were also divided accordingly. A and B classes were for students interested in literature, C (which I was in) and D classes were interested in Science. Only one class, class E, was for the agricultural division.

 The front gate:
 Front classrooms

Back classrooms, Basketball courts


The class room buildings were in two rows, front and back. There was an auditorium and kitchen on the right side and toilets and a swimming pool on the left side. Yes, we had a swimming pool, but we were never allowed to use it! In the middle of campus, we had four basketball courts on the right center, the rest of the space was used for track and field sports and for morning get-together and exercises. The whole campus was fenced in with one front door, opened twice a day to let students get-in in the morning and out in the evening. The rest of time, only a side-door was open.
My memory of high school activities is very clear. I had a lot of good experiences at this high school. I will try to tell you about them in the next few blogs. Of course, there were some bad stories too, such as that in our six years of high school (for both Junior and Senior High), we never used the toilets, if we could help it, except for very short visits. Since the toilets were so dirty and smelly, we tried to avoid them whenever possible.

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