Sunday, June 19, 2016

Workshop started on July 21, 1980

The two-week workshop started on July 21, 1980. I tried very hard to include subjects which would be of interest to the class. Clearly they were not sure what they wanted me to do and I was not sure what they wanted. We decided that I would talk first about teaching the Physical Chemistry Laboratory: what experiments were included, how the students succeeded in carrying them out, and what we expected of them. Then I was to talk about my research topics in chemical kinetics and mass spectrometry. An outline was distributed to all the participants using mimeographed copies. A photo copy is shown below:
There were a lot of participants, coming to this meeting from across the whole country, including every province of the whole country, including the remote areas, like Xinjiang and Qinghai!!The list of participants were also included in the momiographic copies as shown below:

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