Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Evening Programs

I was very busy during the daytime while the workshop was in progress. When I was not lecturing or reporting, I was talking with some participants about the US, all day long! During the evening hours, they usually made arrangements for me to go out for dinner and/or a show. Occasionally, they let me make my own arrangements to visit relatives or friends, if someone was available. I will talk later about this.
Some dinners were planned ahead, so that the menu could be specially prepared, either by using beautiful calligraphic writing, as shown below:

or by being printed for that unique meal as seen here:
I went out for several shows, as well. It was unexpected that they let me go to ALL the shows by myself without anyone to accompany me. I enjoyed all of them very much, as they were brand new to me and very interesting. The top two listed below were historical stories which were quite familiar to me, but had not been presented to me before in the way of a play with dialog and dancing music! The programs are listed below:

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