Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Taotze and Sanlu

In my last blog, I talked about the time when Bill and Ann came to Tennessee for a visit. They were the first couple we got to know as friends in Illinois. Taotze was my Junior High School friend and, after he and Sunlu were married, we got to know them very well as a couple. This year, 1982, their family drove to visit us from Tallahassee, Florida, where Sanlu's sister lived. Her sister's family also came. This was right after Bill and Ann's visit! They had some car trouble in Ashville, NC, but the rest of our visit was great. We visited ETSU and quite a number of places nearby, including a local swimming pool. The last picture was taken with all the children in swimming gear (some underneath their clothes). The middle two pictures were taken at our home!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Bill and Ann Kass

We got to know Bill and Ann at the University of Illinois, where Bill was a Post-Doc under the same professor with whom I was working, Peter E. Yankwich. They moved to Arizona when they left Illinois, and we visited them there several times. When we drove from the east to the west coast, in order to catch a plane to fly to Taiwan, we would stop off in Arizona. In 1982, they came to visit us and we went to several local places, including Grand Father Mountain (three pictures below), Watauga Lake (one picture below), and, of course, the Smoky Mountains. We really enjoyed their visit as we had enjoyed their company when we were at Urbana in Illinois.

Lady Liberty!

Again, when we came back from Boston to Tennessee, we drove past New York City. This time, we stopped to visit the Statue of Liberty. It was a gorgeous day! There was some renovation going on inside, so we did not climb the stairs and see the top. We just took some pictures with the beautiful background!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

In Rememberance of Henry G Fernald

Janice's father, Henry Grant Fernald,  passed away in August of 1982. He suffered with Lou Gehrig's disease for a short while, but he was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, one of the earliest identified cases. Basically, I remember him as a very quiet person. As a mathematician, he worked for American Optical Company during most of his career. As it was located in Southbridge, in western Massachusetts, he had been commuting from Winchester, Massachusetts, to work there ever since I met him in 1965, when Janice and I got married. He might not have behaved like an American father-in-law, but he certainly was like a Chinese father-in-law, at least as I imagined a Chinese father-in-law would be! He shared his hobby in photography with me and talked with me as often as my own father ever did. During the Christmas holidays in 1982, he was writing the names of his family on his hands so he would not forget them. I was shocked as he had changed faster than I could have imagined. Then he went to the hospital before our children finished their school in the Spring semester. We rushed to Winchester right after the school was over. I made arrangements to work that summer in the Boston College Chemistry Department, as my TA, Dr. Lin Jon-long,  at National Taiwan University, was by then the Chair of Chemistry at Boston College. I got the chance to finish most of the preliminary plan for a freshman laboratory book. It was a very sad summer. We did not get many chances to see and talk with Henry as he was often in pain and distress. He passed away soon after we went back to Tennessee. The pictures below were taken in Boston that summer. The first few were taken in the park near the Winchester water reservoir. The others I took in Boston during the Dragon Boat Festival. Henry, I hope that you are in a good place where you get to do what you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fall Branch Christmas Tree

We bought a piece of land in Fall Branch from a private owner who was retiring and moving to Florida. Over the years we went there to get Christmas greens when we got in the mood. Sometimes we even cut a huge tree and used only the top part as our Christmas tree. In 1981, the family had a lot of activities. We went to China together and drove across the American west, all the way from Tennessee. All my siblings were by then settled in the USA and my father was visiting in the U S. And in November, we went to this piece of wild land. I used a chain saw (in my left hand below) to cut some greens for the coming Christmas celebration. We took some pictures to remember the event, although they were not very clear. We were certainly very happy together!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Christmas Card Exchange

It was a very routine activity for our family to take some pictures in preparation for the coming Christmas card exchange with all our family and friends. Every year, it was usually a bother for our kids to endure the dressing up and posing in various positions for a time-consuming and troublesome few hours. It was much easier this year, as we had a picture taken on the Great Wall of China. It was certainly the most significant picture of our family and it was very natural to use it for our 1981 Christmas cards. Here it is:
Every year, we exchange quite a number of pictures with our relatives and friends. Some we can still recognize today but for many we cannot even identify which family they belong to! Children grow up and it is hard to follow them from afar as they change. We have no problem, however, identifying the following two who are the children of close friends. Their mother was Janice's best friend in college and her roommate for three years.
It took me a while to recognize the next two children. Their parents moved to Canada from Johnson City when they were very young!!! The young lady was the one we took back to Johnson City from Taiwan in 1975, when she was only two years old! She had spent a couple of years with grandparents while her mother was in school in the U.S.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Summers were very busy!

Over the years, I took a lot of pictures with many cameras, both old and new. The first camera I had was an old camera someone had left with my mother when I was in junior high school. Somehow I fixed that one and took pictures with it until I entered the university. Then I started to use Miss Jones's camera, which was brand-less as far as I was concerned. Over the years, I bought and was given many cameras of various types and makes. As long as I had something with which to take pictures I was satisfied and very happy. I might only to take one roll of pictures from January to May. But when our kids started to have more activities in the summer months, I would take ten to fifteen rolls. And when we traveled the number of pictures dramatically increased. Certainly 1981 was a year when we had so many pictures to sort out after the summer that we had to catch up with some of them many, many months later. Some of the pictures taken before May were not collected until even later. Here, I would like to show you a few pictures which I took in the spring of 1981. I like them because they were so representative of that time!