Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finalize my Historical China Trip

By the end of May, 1980, with my father's strong objection on my mind, I made the final decision to go ahead and make the trip to China in August. There was the attraction of the tear in the iron curtain after Nixon's trip opened up the possibility of such visits. Added to that was the fact that I was one of the few invited to visit the country in those early days. Clearly the chance to visit the the country where I was born had more attraction to me than the dangerous possibilities envisioned by my father's experience with the communists. Here I am posting the final two letters from the Chair of Beijing Normal University which provided the details necessary for the trip. They included a description of the materials for the workshop, as well as the background of all anticipated personnel, and, of course, the dates of the workshop (from July 22 to August 3rd). It is clear from the fact that the letters I received were all in Chinese that one of the reasons for my selection was my ability to speak and read Chinese.

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