Monday, June 27, 2016

Beijing Scenic Spots

This was the first time I came to Beijing, of course, my hosts tried their best for me to visit the best and most famous spots. I went to Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Beihai Park all in one day, then I went to the Great Wall and Summer Palace in separate days. Of course, we had gone to eat at the famous Beijing duck place to have a meal there as well as walking in the Temple of Heaven. The schedule was full and I was definitely treated with their careful and very considerate planning. All those spots were visited with different people from the Department, sometimes even with their family members. I had seen pictures of great wall before, but when you got there personally for the first time, you still would be just amazed by its enormous dimension in these rugged terrains and were built by human hands two thousand years ago! Somehow you would feel absolutely necessary to take a picture there, to prove that you there for sure! Of course, I took a picture of my host, Prof. Hu,  too.

The pictures included in this Blog were taken at outdoor scenic spots in and around Beijing.  These spots really include many places which I mentioned earlier. This old city certainly has a lot to offer! You can not possibly learn all there is to know about it in just a few days of touring around. In the following pictures, I am giving you an idea of the places I visited but also an introduction to the people who were with me during this, my first trip to China as an adult!

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