Monday, July 31, 2017

More old pictures from Terry Ponder

Apparently, I made some mistakes in identifying some names in the pictures when I posted my last blog. The young lady with Terry was Debbie Waters and the picture was taken in the ACS office, not in the stockroom with Ann Peoples as I wrote earlier. It is bad when I not only forget what my students looked like, but I also forget how to spell their names! Getting old is not fun either! Included in Terry's email were several other pictures which I did not have, so they have not been posted in this blog earlier. I will post them here to complete the record. Two were of Dr. Nicholson in his office and the other two were of his very attractive secretary Mrs. Joan Shirley. After working there for many years, she left the Department, I believe, not too long before Nicholson retired in 1977.

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