Friday, July 21, 2017

Fiftith Wedding Anneversary for the Nicholsons

September 17th, 1982, was the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary for the Nicholsons. There was a nice reception at their church Fellowship Hall. We were invited to this get-together, where we met very few people we knew, as we did not participate in other of the church activities and their friends were not our acquaintances. Life is very dynamic, it changes quickly! After Dr. Nicholson retired from the University, I no longer saw him regularly and he seldom came to visit the department. He was very much involved with his church and family activities. While I was in his former position as Chair, I was so busy with the department affairs that I rarely had any time to pay attention to other things. A wedding anniversary did not have much weight in my mind. However, I am very glad, in retrospect, that we went to that party. The picture below was taken after the celebration. (I do not remember the name of the other lady with the four of us.) We were happy at seeing each other, as we did not have the chance to get-together with them very often.
Both the Nicholsons had hair which was as white as my hair color now! I am sure that at the time, I could not possibly imagine that sometime later my hair would change to totally white and I would have the opportunity to find this picture after Janice and myself had passed more than 50 years of our marriage! I can still see the beautiful smile on Mrs. Nicholson's face!

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