Thursday, August 4, 2016

Electronic Reports

It was quite a big thing in 1980 to return to China to teach. Not only my parents and my friends were very interested, many strangers were also curious about China. The US government, including the FBI, were interested to know more about the trip. I was interviewed by one of their agents for quite some hours and was asked to summarize all the activities I had attended there, to identify all the people I had encountered there, and to describe the organizations I had come across during the period when I was in China. In 1980, there were no blog or webpages I could use to report my activities electronically. It was not until 2001 that I could report my activities in African on a weekly schedule using the internet. As you can see, what we take for granted today was only developed in the last sixteen to twenty years. I did post my 1980 China trip and many later ones, which took place over more than fifteen years and gave me opportunity to see the whole of China, on our webpage as part of our whole collection of memories to be found at The jat stands for "Janice and Tom's" world. It became our way of recording many things and includes all the activities of our grandchildren and all our travels after our retirement.

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