Friday, August 19, 2016

Music has always been an essential part of my life!

In 1980, I was singing in the Civic Chorale and directing the adult choir of Our Savior Lutheran Church. You could say that I was busy enough with all these musical activities. However, the truth is that I felt that I knew very little about music and that I needed to learn more. So I started voice lessons. First I studied with Betty Fleming who was teaching voice in the Music Department. Later, I switched to working with Bob LaPella who was, at the time, the Director of the Chorale, as well as teaching in the Music Department. While once a week was not much time to devote to lessons, I was certainly involved with music as much as I was to my professional life in Chemistry. Furthermore, Janice was involved in hosting parties after many concerts or choir picnics. I will show you some pictures of these activities. First let me show you today one of our parties after a Chorale concert. We certainly had a great time together!

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