Thursday, October 9, 2014

Toronto, Canada

From Philadelphia, we drove a long way to Toronto, Canada. When Janice and I were young, it was never a problem for us to drive a long way, or a long time. Some how we just got used to this kind of traveling as our routine way. As a result, both of our children, Margaret and Steven, do not mind driving a long time. They were used to that kind of traveling.
Toronto was a very nice city. We visited a few famous places there. However, we went there primarily because we wanted to visit Linda and Jackson Yuan’s young daughter, whom we had brought back from Taiwan one year earlier. Her parents had immigrated to Canada and we were wondering how were they doing there. On a beautiful nice summer evening, we sat in the High Park along the water on the shore of Ontario Lake and listened to an orchestra performance concert. I took some pictures (see below) and I still remember that nice concert.

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