Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bill and Jo Gazda

The Gazdas moved to Niagra, New York, shortly after we made the decision not to buy the Watauga property together in 1974. Bill was one of the upper level staff being considered by Great Lakes Carbon Corporation for leadership in their American Branch. (Great Lakes was a German Company at the time and Bill went to Germany for training.) We visited them in the summer of 1976, and they were very much involved in boating activities. We stayed with them and not only enjoyed their home (and certainly their sand-box!)  but also had a great time on their boat. The pictures below were all taken then. This year, 2014, our friend, Bill, passed away because of cancer. We went to North Carolina to visit him and Jo six months before his death when he was struggling with the awful disease. He had a very positive attitude and was determined to enjoy the time he had left. We had great visits in both 1976 and 2014. That is life!gazdagazda-1gazda-2gazda-3gazda-4gazda-5gazda-6

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