Friday, October 10, 2014

Child Study Center

Both Margaret and Steven went to the Child Study Center operated by the College of Education. It was located in the basement of the Education building, just cross from my Science Building, not far away. Steven started there in the fall of 1975. I was able to walk there with him in the morning and, in the afternoon, he went home with David Thayer, who lived near Washington College Academy. His father was the Headmaster. Janice would bring Steven home later in the day. This arrangement lasted for one year. During his second year, Steven went home with Alex LaPella, the son of the director of the Civic Chorale. Both Jean Thayer and Jane LaPella were extremely helpful to us with the afternoon care during those two years!

Steven was very happy at the Child Study Center, getting along well with the other children and also well liked by his teachers. He enjoyed the school too, the activities there were always fun. Janice and I were so lucky that our children both liked their schools very much and never gave us any trouble of any kind in that regard. The Child Study Center was certainly a great beginning for both of them. The pictures below were taken there in Steven’s first year!stevensteven-1steven-2steven-3steven-4steven-5

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