Wednesday, October 15, 2014

陈 文 环 Chen Wen Hwan

The pictures included in today’s blog below were a  big surprise to me as I do not remember that my family met this man and his family in the summer of 1976. But I do recognize his face and, with the date on the slide and it’s sequentially ordered position, I confirmed that we visited his family that summer. He was my Cheng-Kung Senior High School classmate. I do not remember where and to which University he went after our graduation. Somehow, in the summer of 1976, we got in touch with each other and our two families got together to have some pictures taken. And we have not contacted each other again since that day. Apparently he was in the ministry but I am not sure of the denomination. Life is full of surprises! How we got together there in the Niagara, NY area will remain a mystery, perhaps forever!surprisesurprise2

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