Monday, June 25, 2018

Physical Methods in Chemistry

This textbook title "Physical Methods in Chemistry" was one of the very popular, high level Chemistry textbooks in US graduate schools in 1985. The author of the book, Russel S. Drago, was an Inorganic Chemistry professor, who was teaching one of the large classes for all the first year graduate students (more than one hundred students) when I entered the University of Illinois in 1964. At Tsinghua University this course was what they wanted at the time. My four week course was totally devoted to this material. I had approximately fifty students in the class, a mix of  young faculty and graduate students. It was taught in a classroom  in the main building on campus, as  shown in the picture below. That building is also pictured below. After the course a brand new copy of the textbook was left there as a gift,  to allow the students to learn more details if they were interested.

I also interviewed quite a number of graduate students from both Tsinghua and other Beijing Universities during the four week period. 
And Janice gave some lectures about life in the USA and what to expect in a University in the USA. We were always very busy when we visited there!

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