Saturday, June 9, 2018

Beijing was our next Stop

Beijing was our next stop and we stayed in the Friendship Hotel, which was quite close to TsingHua University. My topic there was about the Equipment used in Physical Chemistry. All the important instruments were discussed in really a full course sequence, although, of course, it was shortened. The topic actually used four full weeks in a regular course. The university separated my lectures into two halves, with one week in between for us to visit Chengde, a famous summer palace during the Qing Dynasty, so that we could take a break. We visited places near Beijing during the weekends. These included the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven etc. Janice and I took a picture together at the Friendship Hotel:

 Our children had a lot of good pictures taken in the area too:

Many of these pictures could not be taken today as the area where they are located is closed to tourists:

The whole family also went to Professor Liu's home to have dinner a couple of times. The Lius were very polite and treated us wonderfully in every respect! 

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