Monday, October 30, 2017

Driving West and a stop at Grand Canyon

Our family had already driven west many times by the year 1984. We started in 1972, when we drove to Dodge City, Kansas, to visit Dean's family and to pick up my Father and Kai, who had just arrived in the states. Then in 1975, 1978, and 1981 we, the whole family, drove to the west coast and then flew to visit our Taiwan home, and, in 1981, also visited China mainland. We tried to take different routes for each trip so that we could visit as many states in the USA as possible. In the summer of 1984, on another trip to the west coast, we tried to visit more national parks and stopped first for a longer vacation at the Grand Canyon. For the first time, we each rented a horse for a horse back visit of the canyon scenery.  The pictures below were taken to remember that experience:

We then stayed there for a couple of days, just to see the great scenery there (see pictures below). We enjoyed the whole trip very much! The only regret we had was that we were too hot to try to hike   down to the bottom and not strong enough to carry enough water for the hike!


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