Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rhododendron Festival

Every year, in the middle of June, there is a Rhododendron Festival at Roan Mountain for a couple of days. Since we lived quite close, we went there several times over the years to appreciate the beautiful flowers, which were spread all over the mountain at an elevation of about 6500 feet. While there were many activities associated with the festival, we seldom participated in them. We would go directly to the garden and walk around to see the flowers, taking a few pictures. (The pictures below were taken there in 1976.) We would then find a good picnic table and enjoy a nice lunch surrounded by the beauty. It was heavenly - every time! Generally, we would also take a hike in the nearby trails to finish up the day. Every one had a great time. We certainly realized our good fortune in having such a place to visit.roanroan-1roan-2roan-3roan-5roan-6roan-4roan-7

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