Thursday, January 10, 2013

Old Snow Suit

Janice’s Grandma, Baba, made a complete winter suit for her when she was four or five. Quite a while ago, after we were married, Janice showed me the suit. I was very impressed and told her that she had to keep it. Later when we found a custom “Frame it” store in Johnson City, Tennessee, we decided to have it framed. We then hung it in our home as decoration. It is now again hanging in our bedroom in Delaware:


As you can see, it is a well made, complete snow suit, including a hat, for Janice. I always wondered how Janice looked with this suit. Believe it or not, among one of the old pictures left in our possession, I was able to crop out a picture of Janice wearing the suit. I am not as impressed as I was in my imagination, perhaps because it is black and white! What do you think?


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