Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Driving Uncle Ed back!

After the winter break, we drove Uncle Ed back to his graduate school In Morgantown, WV. By this time, Pan-pan was very used to having fun at Christmas time. She was very familiar with having many visitors, both friends and relatives, during the holiday season, and she anticipated many gifts and goodies to eat. Steven was just getting used to all the attention he got and he was learning by watching Pan-pan’s enjoyment. Ed was the third member of the Huang family to come to the USA for graduate school. Kai was the only sibling left in Taiwan, studying in college, while Dean and I had just started our careers in the USA. The pattern seemed to have been established that after first coming here for graduate education after college, then we would find some work in the US. Our trip to take Ed back was quite brief. We got into town, dropped him at the dorm and drove back. These were our pictures of the event:


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