Friday, January 27, 2012

Fernald Hall

In January, 1969, right after our Christmas vacation and while Janice was pregnant with Margaret, we went to Orono, Maine, to interview for a position in the Chemistry Department at the University of Maine. It was a beautiful clear day. We had a great drive up there, but it was very cold!

The chair of the Chemistry Department took us around every where. It was not an impressive place. However, both Janice and I were very much astonished to find out that the first president of the university was apparently one of Janice’s ancestors. There were very few Fernalds in the USA, and they all traced back to the Mayflower era when four or five English brothers came to the US and settled around the New England area. The Fernald Hall, named to remember his presidency, was still there in 1969 when we visited the University!


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