Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Event!

Another event I remember that happened in Nanking was a scary one. It also involved Dean!

Our new compound was still being developed and more new houses were being built behind our house; our building was on the first row. There was quite a bit of space in front of the house, which was intended for public use, and a small pond was on the left side of the empty space. We used the pond for catching frogs, and other bugs. One winter, it was frozen solid – or so we thought. Both Dean and I joined a group of kids playing on the ice. We ran from the shore, and as soon as we touched the ice we would slide on the ice as far as we could. Sometimes, we could slide all the way across the whole pond to the other side. It was so much fun that we did not realize the ice was becoming softer as the day went by. To make the story shorter, one day when we did not pay attention the ice cracked and Dean fell into the lake. On that day, I was there on the ice trying to pull him out. I do not remember how I got him out from the pond. I do remember that he and I were totally soaked with water, and we had to go back to the house to change.

Recently Dean and I had a chance to talk about our past; this event came up simultaneously in our discussion. So it is on his mind as well.

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