Monday, April 12, 2010

Adults should pay attention

When we first moved into our new house in Nanking, in 1945, my parents were very happy and proud that we had a new place in this building, specifically designed for us and provided totally free from the government. (Our home was provided because my Father was working as chief accountant for the government by that time. The house and a car and driver were provided.) My parents got Dean and me together, maybe several times, to tell us to pay attention. They said, "You children must pay attention, this is a new house, do not write or paint anything on the wall". I do not remember how many days later, they found on the new wall that someone had written "adults should pay attention too" (大人要小心)。 Dean was four then, and had just learned how to write a few words. Both of our parents were furious, it did not take very long for Dean to admit that he did it. I do not remember specifically what did they do to punish Dean, maybe standing in front of the wall for a long time with his nose close to the writings. I just remember thinking that writing on the wall was not a good idea. It was very serious!

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  1. Little Brother is a "thinking outside of the box" kind of guy. When I lived in Illinois, Dean came to visit me at the first town home I bought in Hanover Park. I had a broken window. I thought that I may have to phone a repair man, and pay an arm and leg to get it fixed. Dean took the glass (a corner was broken) out of the window, drove to a nearby plaza with a "frame your own picture" shop. He got a replacement window for me for less than 2 dollars. Then he put the glass back in the window for me. Wow, it was a pretty good deal to have a brother like Dean.