Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Li, 李毓芳

We had quite a number of "family" friends, who had maintained a close relationship with my parents since the beginning of the war with Japan, even before I was born in 1939. Mr. and Mrs. Li were a couple who, in particular, were very close to us. They lived nearby us in Taipei also, only a couple of blocks away! When we visited my parents during  our many trips to Taiwan, they always brought a few dishes of cooked food to help my parents and to treat us. They were also my parents mahjong friends. They would often come to play with my parents, especially my mother, although she was not in their caliber of very good players. Mrs. Li was especially skilled, so good that she was able to read her tiles by using the tips of her fingers to feel them. Yes, she would read her tiles just by touching their surface! The Li's were like our extended family. Both Janice and our children were very used to their visits and took pictures with them on a regular basis.

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