Saturday, August 1, 2015

It was a different time!

In 1978, Taiwan was in a transitional time. Changes were occurring in almost every aspect of society, large and small. My parents’ home was the only old Japanese style house left in the block. The other houses were all many-floor high-risers by that time, as you can see in this picture.home

You could still see people doing exercises at Taida in the morning. However, we saw only a few people walking their birds under the covers in their cages as they swung them back and forth. birds

Another picture  shows a caged bird enjoying his perch in the tree! acge

Below was a picture taken when Steven was taking a walk in front of the Chemistry Building with a group of morning exercise people.chem

Finally, I would like you to see a picture of a vender carrying on a cart everything he had to sell. You can no longer see this type of transportation!things

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