Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Swim Party

While we were visiting with Tao’s family in Kaoshung, one day we went to a famous beach called Xiziwan (西子灣). I believe that we spent a whole day there. The kids in both families enjoyed the beach very much, not only the swimming but also the friendship. They had got to know each other very well. Over the years, they had this kind of get-together many times. Nowadays this kind of friendship, based on the relationship of their parents, does not usually persist as the children grow to become adults. In the old days, people had family friends for many generations, something which is almost impossible in these modern times. We are lucky to have friends who maintain a connection just for one generation! To keep close is very difficult if you do not live in the same area. However, when I saw these old pictures, I felt very good that the children from both families had shared some close moments in the past.swimswim-1swim-1aswim-1bswim-2swim-3swim-4swim-5swim-6

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