Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alice and Roger’s Rehearsal Dinner

Alice Ai and Roger Ma were students from Taiwan who decided to get married in Johnson City. Alice was at ETSU and Roger was in North Carolina. We offered to have the rehearsal dinner at our home. Janice cooked a very big meal for this dinner. Not only was the church pastor invited, his wife, the church organist and the organist’s wife were also in attendance. Sherman Tang’s whole family was there for the occasion, including his parents and two sons. Alice’s parents had worked with Sherman’s parents in a bank in Taiwan. Alice’s host family, Dave and Sharon Benner, were there with the entire wedding party, for a total of 16 adults plus a separate table for children. Roger’s father and brother were there too.  This was the biggest dinner Janice had ever cooked. With many dishes to prepare, she had worked very hard for this wedding rehearsal dinner. Janice appreciated that Alice had often baby-sat for our two kids who loved her and she went out of her way to have a great celebration for this special day.dinner-3dinner-1dinner-2dinner-4dinner-5

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