Monday, December 22, 2014

Betty and Boris Franzus

Our children got to know both Betty and Boris more and more during those several years. They started to go with them to the movies, as both of the Franzuses enjoyed watching children’s movies while Janice and I did not mind skipping them. Those movies gave us a good excuse to watch how they interacted with our children. We learned that Margaret and Steven did not sit very close to them in the theater, as Betty had a unique, loud laugh which would embarrass our children. The four of them went out to see movies regularly for many years. In the late fall of 1976, we went with the Franzuses to Gatlinburg, TN, to see the Fall color. The pictures below were taken there. We do not have many pictures like these, so they are very precious to me and they help me remember the times we shared with our life-time friends, Betty and Boris.franzus-3galingburgfranzusfranzus-2franzus-5

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