Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taiwan Visit 1975

When Janice and I look back, the Taiwan Visit 1975 was one of the better visits we had together with our children. It would be interesting to find out what they remember when we get the opportunity. In 1975, both my parents were healthy and fully aware of their lives, and our children were old enough to enjoy the life there. They learned quite a bit about the culture and customs of Chinese tradition.  They had the opportunity to soak in what the general public got, both air and water. It might be not very different from what they learned in the US. But who can predict from where you learned everything that matters in your life?

The last story about this visit actually happened after we arrived back in the USA. Remember that Joseph Wang went to Taiwan with us. He came back with us too! In addition, Linda and Jackson’s two year old daughter was with us also. Her grandparents told her to stay with me until we met her parents.   She did exactly that and literally followed me everywhere, sometimes holding my leg as we drove from California to Johnson City, Tennessee. For that trip of four days we were lucky to have Holiday Inn specials: “when you stay with us, kids eat for free”. The pictures below were taken at a playground on the way back!


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