Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ginger and Bill Francis

Both Ginger and Bill were regular visitors to our home. I believe that Bill had not yet retired from work in 1975. They came down from Sandusky,OH, to get to know our children better. It was always very nice to see them and certainly our children had a wonderful time with them. When I look back to this kind of visit, I no longer remember what we did together, and where we went to visit. Of course, no one wrote down anything to remind us what kind of activities were conducted. We were just like family members getting together to enjoy each other, nothing more or less. The pictures below helped  jog my memory and I am happy that we took them! We were playing cards in two of them and the other two were taken at Roan Mountain, one of our favorite places just to walk around.francisfrancis-2francis-3francis-4

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