Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All Kinds of Market Stands

At that time, quite a number of changes were evident in Taiwan. We could no longer hear venders’ special calls while pushing or pulling  carts with their goods. For example, they might call out “watermelon – very sweet – but it now” (in Chinese, of course). The fruit stands were stationary. Customers went to the stands to buy what they needed for the day. Later, even the number of these stands started to decrease, and some spaces were then used to sell different merchandise. In 1975, we saw many food stands which sold ready-to-eat items such as noodles or soup, etc. The following pictures include plastic toy stands, as well as fish and sausage stands, and shops selling semi-prepared items, such as meat balls or fish balls. fishfoodfood-2food-3plastic-3plastic

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