Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thanksgiving 1973

Judy and Greg were still at the University of Illinois in 1973. We drove up there for Thanksgiving with them. When we passed Lexington, KY, we picked up Kai who was doing her Ph.D. work there at the Department of Biochemistry. Their daughter, Erin, was born early in the spring of that year. It was indeed a wonderful get-together, for both adults and the kids. We have a lot of pictures for that holiday.You can easily see our mood during the period. Certainly the food and other activities of their rented house on Neil Street in Champaign, IL, brought smiles out of everyone. The first picture was taken when Steven was giving a donation to a Salvation Army ringer for the first time. Unfortunately it is not very clear. thanksgiving-2thanksgiving-3thanksgiving-4thanksgiving-5thanksgiving-6thanksgiving-8thanksgiving-73

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