Monday, April 1, 2013

Aunt Flo

Janice’s favorite aunt - Aunt Flo - was living  in the Boston area when we got there in the summer of 1972. We stayed at the Paul’s home in Lexington, because Janice’s parents were staying in their Cape Cod house during the summer months. Aunt Flo was Janice’s favorite aunt because she was a very caring person. And she always treated me very kindly and made me feel part of the family. Of course, when my Father came to this area we made sure that she was one of Janice’s relatives on my Father’s “must see” list. They did get a chance to visit for a while in the Paul’s living room. Flo was actually Janice’s great aunt as she was her grandmother’s youngest sister. My Father also got a chance to visit their yard outside where the Paul children and ours (and our dog Princess) were playing.floflo-2flo-3

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