Friday, April 5, 2013

Cape Cod - 1

Finally, my Father got to meet Janice’s parents on Cape Cod. The summer place which Janice’s parents built in the nineteen forties, using material from an old Army barracks, has provided a lot of joy to the whole Fernald family. In the summer of 1972, my Father got a wonderful chance to experience their family life. We were there for quite a while. It was also the first opportunity for my older generation and Janice’s older generation to get to know a little bit of the other side. Not only did my Father get to see the Light House in North Truro, he also saw our children enjoying the ocean - swimming and just playing around in the water. He had never experienced that before and could not even imagine the fun. I will show you a few pictures, not only in this blog but in the next few ones, to give you taste of what he experienced for the first time when he was in his seventies!cape-cod-1cape-cod-2cape-cod-3cape-cod-4cape-cod-5

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