Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Harvard University

After Niagara Falls, we drove to Boston and we stayed at the home of one of Janice’s family’s friends. The Pauls were living in Lexington, MA. Our first stop in the Boston area was at Harvard University. We visited two main places there: the Glass Museum and the Yin-Ch'ing Library. Father was very impressed by the Glass Museum because of its vast and wide collections. He did not have enough time to go through everything at the Yin-Ch'ing Library. Again, the collection was so impressive, he was amazed by the huge number in the  catalogs.  glassglass-2glass-3


  1. Sir,

    I wanted to Email you, but... could not locate your Email address. Have a question about Chiang Wei. My Email: taipeiairstation@yahoo.com

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    1. Sorry that I did not see your comment earlier. Please write to Huang@etsu.edu.