Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Start of a Close Relationship

During Father’s first trip to the USA, Steven was only a  very young boy, just one year old. Of course, Father was very excited about his first grandson – at last a “boy”! Their relationship continued to develop, especially later when father came to stay with us permanently, in Johnson City, after Mother passed away. Their relationship became very close and special. The relationship between Father and myself and my other siblings was a very typical one in China, i. e. we kept a proper distance and maintained a proper respectful manner to each other. When we were young, we seldom asked our Father for any thing, so we would not get turned down or get another lessen about how to do things the right way. In other words, we were afraid of our Father. None of us remember any sharing or discussion of topics. In the summer of 1972, Steven and his Yeye, started a relationship that would make us all jealous, yet one which we respected and marveled at! Look how relaxed Steven was in the picture below, and how happy my Father was, hiding behind the smile!close

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