Saturday, February 18, 2012

Welcome, Margaret Lucille

Finally, our waiting was over! We rushed to Carle Clinic in downtown Urbana - in the middle of night, of course, - to wait there for about eight hours. The husband was allowed to be present in the delivery room, a new option for the time and place. I was very lucky to be at the right time and place so I could personally welcome our new daughter, Margaret Lucille. There were very few people in the clinic. Dr. Stevenson was the only other person in the delivery room most of the time. Margaret came quickly, Dr. Stevenson shouted out “it’s a girl”, and then he had to hold her for a minute or two so that I could get my flash for my camera working properly. Yes, I took quite a number of pictures, one almost every minute! I will let you see a few below:


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