Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A new baby in a family brings reality immediately. Diapers are necessary in a civilized society. I certainly should not ignore this subject by taking it for granted in this blog.
Even though pampers were developed early in 1961, it was not until 1969 that they were sold in the US nationwide - just in time for Margaret’s new life. They were, however, quite expensive in the beginning. We subscribed to a diaper service at first. This company would deliver a couple of dozen fresh diapers every other day, and then collect the dirty ones for cleaning. It was very convenient. Since we were planning to visit my parents in the summer, for the first time since I  left Taiwan seven years earlier, the reality of how to face the diaper problem was on our minds. Sears came to our rescue as it started to sell disposable diapers just at that time. After Margaret got home, and she was just a few days old, we bought three months of these new “great” supplies and had them shipped immediately to Taiwan, as it took more than one month to ship packages via the sea route.
On this unusual day, we only get this day once in four years, it’s kind of nice to talk about this very usual subject!

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