Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pregnant Janice

If you use “hiking” to simulate our life experience, in the earlier years you would enjoy everything and you would learn from everything you encounter. You get excited with every new “hike”.

When Janice was pregnant again, in the summer of 1968, after we had experienced disappointment when she had an early miscarriage during her first pregnancy, we got very excited to prepare for this new “hike” in our lives. I am sure that we had different kinds of experiences in preparing for this new happening in our lives. (Janice was NOT thinking about hiking!) We started to change our lives to prepare for the unexpected. The excitement for me is not easy to describe, since I did not even know what questions to ask. It was impossible to anticipate what you would see or feel about this new “hike”. Janice read as much as  she could and tried to pass information on to me. My postdoc work was not as demanding as before, and Janice was working as an advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences, not teaching in a classroom. We surely had a lot of time to make our preparations. In October, 1968, Maria and Dean had Deana, which excited us even more and certainly increased our emotions as we waited for our own new baby to arrive!

We were very fortunate to live in this college town, Champaign/Urbana, as we had outstanding medical services. Not only did we have good doctors and nurses, we had up-to-date modern equipment and hospital facilities.

The pictures below were taken so you could definitely see “Janice was pregnant”.


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