Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner

Today is Thanksgiving day, 2011. I remembered that Janice started to cook Thanksgiving dinner soon after we got married. Since we usually did not visit Janice’s family at Thanksgiving time, we usually had Thanksgiving dinner at home. We tried to invite some friends to come to eat with us when possible, since there was usually more turkey than a few people could eat. It is the best time to share with your family and friends. The first Thanksgiving Janice and I had together, we were joined by Debbie and Yang. They came from Wyoming to spent the holidays with us. The second Thanksgiving we had Susan Hu, Adriane and Larry Ludwick, and and Janice classmate in the Math Department, another Janice, and Janice’s brother, Greg, with us for the big meal. This is the tradition we have kept up pretty much the same over the years.  thankgiving-1965

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