Tuesday, November 29, 2011


You could say that US was escalating the Vietnam War during 1966 to 1968. Campus demonstrations against the war were a common scene during that period. In the late 1968, the whole Cater Hall Chemistry building windows on the first floor were boarded up by plywood, since these windows would be all broken otherwise by demonstrator's rocks. Why chemistry buildings? Because some chemicals, such as Nippon and agent orange, were used in the war. The chemical company which made the chemicals, named Dow Chemicals, was boycotted by students. The people from this company who came to interview students who were interested in working for the company had to hide their interview places, as some other students would give them a hard time.
Some state legislator, named Callaghan, were trying to stop these campus demonstrations by legislature. He was answered by more demonstrations. The anti-free speech legislature was not successful!!anti-Clavangh-act-3-67-2anti-Clavangh-act-3-67-3

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