Saturday, June 25, 2011

Other Activities

At the end of my first year in the USA, I joined several other activities besides those that I reported earlier. The important one was “international folk dancing”, or in short, folk dancing. This was a brand new to me. At the beginning, I only went there on Thursday nights occasionally. But at the end of my first year, especially at the beginning of summer, I became a regular attendee. It was nice to have some exercise in an air conditioned room.  At that time, only a few buildings on campus were air-conditioned. Our apartment was not at all air conditioned; going out to a cool place in the summer was certainly an enjoyable event! I learned quite a number of dances quickly, and I also got to know a few more friends, including a few females!
Another activity I participated in was the student affiliate group of the American Chemical Society, or the Chemistry Club. We did not have a lot of people in the group, but I was popular there as I could help students with their assignments in Physical Chemistry. The following picture was taken of the group for the ETSU Annual. Frank Newby, a brand new faulty member in the Department on the right side of the picture, was the sponsor of the club.

Finally, I went to swim quite a bit at the University swimming pool. Many times I went with Maureen Haggerty, who was Chemistry major planning to become a nun, which she did after her graduation. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of our swimming activity but she was quite a swimmer. She was right in the middle front of the picture above.

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