Monday, June 6, 2011

New Experiences

Not too long after I arrived in Johnson City, the color change in the trees amazed me. I did not remember having seen it in Nanking. Perhaps I was not paying any attention or maybe I did not appreciate color change when I was young. There was certainly not any color change in subtropical Taiwan! The brilliant color just startled my senses.

The neatly mowed grass everywhere impressed me also. The grass in the fields in Taiwan was cut manually. It was generally not quite even, never looked like a crew cut worn by boys in basic training camp!

I do remember the snow and cold when I was in elementary school in Nanking. The snow seemed much more white in Tennessee or, at least, whiter than I remembered.

It is too bad that all my pictures taken during that time are not very clear. However, I hope you can imagine what I experienced. The following were all taken on the ETSU campus:

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