Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Roommate

At the end of my first semester in Johnson City, I met three Chinese students.  One was another Chemistry graduate student. I did not see him much as he was paying his own way and therefore did not hang around in the department very often. His girl friend, who was in the Arts department, was the second Chinese student I met. The third Chinese student, Kuan Youn-ming 关永民), was an undergraduate student who did not yet have a major! When an apartment became available right next to campus, Kuan asked me to join him and rent it together.  This move was great as we could cook together, which saved quite a bit money for both of us. It turned out to be even better for me, since Kuan had learned a lot about cooking during summers when he worked at various Chinese restaurants. He later owned some famous restaurants in Chicago and was a very successful business man. Here we were sitting in the front of our apartment in the following picture. The building was later bought by the University and destroyed. 

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