Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Singing at Truth Church

As I told you before, quite a bit of my free time was used in singing, either practice at home when my father was out, or rehearsal at Friendship Corner oor at Truth Lutheran Church. Since my father did not want me to waste my time to sing, my practice at home was done when he was not at home. It was quite nice to have my own room at the back of the house, no one bothered me there. I could even go over my sheet music and ham the songs without alarming anyone in the other parts of the house. Initially, the Truth Church choir was quite weak, (see picture below).

 Later as more Hong Kong students with strong voice joined the choir, it became quite strong. With the super direction from Mr. Kao, we tackled tough pieces, including the Christmas part of Handel's Messiah. I regularly had sung some solos and other special music at church as well. Virginia Lau was one of my regular duet partners. She was from Boneo, had a thick rich voice. Later, she went to study music in Canada.

On a particular occasion, three chemists tried a mixed trio. Hong Hwei-shung(洪辉雄, I lost contact after gradution) was my classmate, he played piano. Lin Jun-Long(林 贱隆, he was the Chair at the Chemistry Department at Boston Collega)was my Physical chemistry teaching assistant (TA at Taida), he played violin. We had a ball to practice and performed later with success!

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