Sunday, October 10, 2010

Other Teachers

Another subject that was taught every semester in High School was mathematics. But since every semester we had different subjects in math, we had different teachers to teach them. The math courses included were Trigonometry, Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Analytical Geometry; the last two were one year courses. I had quite a number of math teachers. As a result, I have very shadowy impressions of them. I do not remember much about them individually. As a whole, they were quite competent; they provided challenging problems for us to work on. I certainly remember some of the geometry problems which caused us to work for days. The Advanced Algebra course included all aspects of algebra and was the most challenging course in High School. The Analytical Geometry course really covered the fundamentals of college calculus course in the USA.                      靳吉炑(math and chemistry)


The Chemistry and Physics teachers were my favorite teachers. They were younger and more dynamic. While I knew very little at the beginning, they provided me quite a good foundation for the subjects. This was one of the reasons I listed quite a number of these departments as the choices on my college entrance examination. I will talk about these exams later. These teachers were definitely very close to me also. We had pictures taken with them outside classroom settings, which was quite unusual.
With important teachers at High School:

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